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HumanUp? How is your JEDI working for you?

When is the last time you conducted a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) audit? How are your statistics? What is hindering your great initiatives? How is the lack of diversity impacting your organization? 


Numerous studies have shown that increased representation of diverse groups adds value to organizations, not only enhancing their performance but also significantly improving psychological safety and engagement


Adopting a systemic approach, we partner with you to build an ‘infrastructure’ to support a culture of belonging, harnessing diversity and effectiveness. We intervene at various touchpoints where organizational structure and behavior directly impact diversity and inclusion.

HumanUp? How is your JEDI working for you?

Collectively and individually, you will take a deep dive Outside the Box! of those conscious and unconscious biases that keep us from appreciating others for their intrinsic value, and start truly interacting with them Inside the Connection! to work in collaborative, productive, inclusive, and safe environments where all may participate equally. In humantasiK environments!


Below is our iterative approach. We continue to meet with you on a quarterly basis for one year after the end of the engagement to observe and assess progress and provide further support as required. 

Through open and candid consultation, K2C2 guides you on a journey of self-discovery and accountability toward your own participation in an equitable, fair, and just environment for all.

Your D&I trajectory is YOURS and is not comparable to any other! It is typically part of a wider strategy and may carry  certain goals. In this initial phase, we understand your specific context and objectives, and assess the situation.


We explore your business and investigate your needs



We continuously measure & re-assess  to ensure we are on track. We hold meaningful and candid conversations to address emerging concerns you or we might have.


We measure, reassess & refine



You know your organization, your people, and your circumstances! We candidly offer our observations and recommendations. Together, we create your bespoke roadmap, establishing goals, steps, and mutual commitments beyond the commercial terms of our partnership. Together, we define the success factors of your D&I objectives.


We create your bespoke journey with you



We walk the talk! 

Together, we build & implement  strong foundations through various types of interventions such as experiential workshops, trainings, and individual coaching. Your aim is to reach your D&I goals. Ours is to go beyond and weave diversity into your culture’s DNA.


We build & implement strong foundations together