Outside the box!

Outside of any preconceived ideas or generally accepted norms 

Into the spacious freedom of being, feeling, thinking, and doing

Widen your perspectives with the support of our experienced professional certified coaches


Step Outside the Box!

breaking bias and barriers!

Break the barriers of limiting beliefs, restrictive thoughts, and toxic behaviors

Experiment with life’s experiences and concepts, transcending norms, expectations, and assumptions

Author the blueprint of your leadership and professional development with K2C2

Inside the Connection!

Inside the human connection -heart to heart, human to human- the sine qua none of any collaboration and creative solution. Where heart and clarity meet for resolution

Connect with yourself to anchor awareness and self-confidence

Connect with others to build psychological safety and trust

Connect with the world to create the impact you want to make


Step Inside the Connection!

harnessing potential!

Embrace the diversity of thoughts, strengths, and skills of each and every one. Fire-up effective team dynamics!

For a diverse and inclusive culture that is humantastiK!

create sustainable value beyond performance
start your humantastiK revolution!


Teams can no longer settle for high performance; now, they must be able to create sustainable value. Together, let us lay the groundwork for leveling up collective effectiveness by teaming up with agility and responsiveness to meet stakeholders’ needs in a relevant way. 


K2C2’s specialized team coaches partner with teams to craft iterative and agile roadmaps to meet their requirements according to data-based insights. Our interventions vary in scope and scale, from assessing and building psychological safety and trust to a full team coaching journey. 


TeamUp! with K2C2!


Unprecedented complex circumstances have upended normality, and performance is no longer the only criterion in today’s leadership equation! Clarity is a distinguishing factor, as is leaders’ ability to see the big picture and grasp systemic complexities. Learn to lead through ambiguity and complexity. Learn to reach clarity and create value from there! 


K2C2’s experienced professional coaches support all levels of professionals, from middle management to C-Suite, to reach their full potential in a balanced and sustainable way. Let’s deconstruct, rediscover, embrace and expand the meaning of leadership.


LeadUp! with K2C2!


Psychological safety is paramount in attracting and retaining talent and enhancing team effectiveness. But not only. Indeed, Covid-19 has led us to fully appreciate the magnitude, complexity, and potential risks associated with the challenges the world faces today. The level of innovation needed to address such challenges requires radical collaboration and the freedom to think, try, share and create that only psychologically safe environments allow. 


K2C2’s specialized consultants partner with your team or organization to assess their level of psychological safety and specifically address their needs through on-site interventions, group workshops, or individual coaching. 


SafeUp! with K2C2!


Never has there been such awareness of inequality. The world is fast reforming towards equity, accepting and celebrating differences. Studies confirm that increased representation of diverse groups adds value to organizations, enhancing their performance and significantly improving psychological safety and engagement


K2C2 partners with you to navigate your ecosystem and shape cultures of belonging by harnessing the power of diversity and true inclusion in safe, collaborative, and productive work environments.


HumanUp! with K2C2! 


The business world has become increasingly demanding and competitive, which makes converting ideas into execution and growth beyond any stage ever more challenging. Ground the fundamentals of your idea: anchor your seed in a sustainable strategy towards seamless execution.  


Our coaches and consultants draw on their expertise and practical business insight and experience to support your entrepreneurial pursuit as you transform your idea into a tangible and successful venture, one step at a time.


SeedUp! with K2C2!

K2C2 is a global coaching and advisory consultancy that supports teams, professionals, and organizations to create impactful sustainable value.

Our values are geared towards co-creating a tailor-made roadmap that is outside the proverbial box, and within the human connection, for inclusive solutions beyond performance.