The Context

When we first met, Faiza had no intention of being coached, nor was she aware of the potential benefits awaiting her. A mother of three, she had left a very successful career in marketing to raise her family and lead a comfortable life. Having followed her husband on his new assignment in Dubai, and after many years as a stay-at-home mom, she was at a junction point, even though she did not realize it. Yet. Here, she narrates her coaching experience and its outcomes. These are her words, mostly spontaneous and prompted by explorative questions at times.

The Challenge

While fully aware of her need to shift, her previous coaching experiences had left her with a bitter taste of unfinished and superficial work. She felt she had gone through the motions of a well-designed process that allowed her to develop specific competencies without really addressing her challenges. She didn’t have the tools to handle an overflow of stress, build healthy boundaries and claim her voice. She approached life and work through a series of motions, without much attention to possible alternatives, as if they defined her self-perceived ‘authorized’ perimeter.

The Partnership

Tuning into Faiza’s pace and challenging her on the very limitations that had covered her life with a shadow of grey, the ‘ShiftUp!’ partnership enabled her to learn how to identify and shatter those barriers while deepening her connection to herself, others, and the world.

Through ‘SeedUp!’, she fully embraced her calling and brought it to life in a well-aligned, purpose-driven, and value-centered venture, Thrive.

The Outcomes

In her own words, Faiza has discovered a new way of being that has transformed her relationship with herself and others, including her family. For her, the key outcomes of partnering with K2C2 were:

 – A deeper connection to self which made way for an increased sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

 – Conscious alertness to barriers and a self-developed ‘process’ to dissolve them.

 – Widened perspectives with constant laser-focused attention on the long-term vision.

 – Enhanced self-management with sharp cognizance of being in charge.